AUO Presents World's Largest 8K4K Bezel-less TV Display

Partner News - 2017/09/19

AUO Presents World's Largest 8K4K Bezel-less TV Display

World's first series of professional and gaming monitor panels equipped with advanced HDR technology

Published date: 2017-09-19

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) will participate in Touch Taiwan 2017 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from September 20 to 22 to showcase a full lineup of advanced large-sized display technologies and products. Exhibition highlights include enhanced ALCD technology with advanced HDR (high dynamic range) introduced to the full series, including the world’s largest(*) 85-inch 8K4K (7680 x 4320), and 65-inch and 75-inch UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) bezel-less ALCD TV displays; the world’s first(*) 27-inch and 35-inch gaming monitor panels equipped with advanced HDR technology; and a variety of public information display solutions featuring high resolution, high brightness, extreme narrow bezel and stretched type, which could be tailored to customer requirements to support content of diverse kinds to be eminently displayed in varied environments.

Enhanced ALCD Technology for Ultimate Home Theater Audio-Visual Experience
AUO continues to strengthen its technology edge of high contrast and wide color gamut by presenting an enhanced version of ALCD technology. Through a comprehensive HDR design, the display can achieve as high as 2000-nit brightness with significantly higher contrast. Its low reflective quality helps to deliver high HDR image quality even in daylight, perfectly capturing both bright and dark image details. By adopting environmentally-friendly cadmium-free quantum dots with high color saturation, the display can reveal rich and detailed color depth, with a wide color gamut exceeding NTSC 110% in all environments, boasting an overall higher image quality than OLED TV. Having been the first(*) to present bezel-less display on all four sides, AUO applies its self-developed GOA (Gate on Array) technology to significantly lower the number of display driver ICs and expand the display viewing area. This not only allows for a seemingly boundless, holistic view, but also a sleek and stylish appearance.

AUO leverages its advantages in technological integration and has again achieved specification breakthrough to introduce the world’s largest(*) 85-inch 8K4K bezel-less ALCD TV display with 120Hz high refresh rate to deliver smooth motion flow with impressive image quality. The features of 8K4K images are thoroughly manifested through the large-sized TV panel. From mountains standing afar to objects and figures up close, all images demonstrate stunning clarity and stereoscopic effect, as if all characters have stepped out of the screen, vividly depicting the most exquisite image details and true colors. When marveling the large-sized screen, the audience can perceive the most intricate image details.

High-End Gaming Monitor Panels for Lightning-Fast, Immersive Gaming Experience
AUO has devoted to the development of gaming displays for many years, and continues to lead the industry by offering bezel-less professional grade gaming monitor panels with even faster response time and higher image quality. To provide gamers with the optimal gaming experience, AUO has partnered with NVIDIA, a global leader in visual computing, to develop the NVIDIA G-SYNC™ HDR technology. By applying the advanced HDR technology, more contrast in games with dark scenes can be accentuated, along with more clarity and richer details against both bright and dark backgrounds. In addition, quantum dot wide color gamut technology has been adopted to achieve the best color performance possible, making gaming experience all the more realistic. AUO is the world’s first(*) to present 27-inch gaming monitor panel combining 144Hz refresh rate and UHD 4K ultra high resolution, applying advanced HDR technology and Adobe RGB 99% high color saturation. AUO’s 35-inch WQHD (3440 x 1440) gaming monitor panel possesses refresh rate as high as 200Hz and advanced HDR technology, and sports a curved design with 21:9 ultra wide aspect ratio to deliver an immersive, lightning-fast gaming experience.

In terms of professional monitor displays, AUO presents 32-inch UHD 4K HDR monitor panel capable of supporting the HDR10 standard and professional grade Adobe RGB 99% high color saturation, meeting demanding requirements of video and graphic professionals for image colors and details.

All-Round PID Total Solutions for Optimal Promotional Effect
AUO has long been dedicated to the development of public information display (PID) applications, and has successfully developed public information displays of all types, with features such as ultra large size, high resolution, high brightness, wide color gamut, extreme narrow bezel, dual side, and stretched type. In addition, a full lineup of PID set products is also available for customers. Depending on their specific promotional needs and installation environments, AUO offers customized total solutions covering hardware and software integration and after-sales service.

AUO has led the industry(*) by introducing the ultra large 85-inch UHD 4K signage for the outdoors, equipped with 2500-nit ultra brightness and capability to operate for long periods of time with stability. The signage content is still vivid under the sunlight, suitable for outdoor bus stops and standalone billboards at boutique stores. The 55-inch full HD extreme narrow bezel video wall display adopts the extreme narrow bezel technology that enables the adjoining bezel to be only 1.8mm wide when the displays are assembled together. Each of the 55-inch panels could be assembled flexibly in irregular shapes depending on the space available. Combined with AUO’s color and brightness adjustment technologies, the video wall shows superb image uniformity, creating uniquely designed brand advertisements. A series of stretched type public information displays from 28.6 to 42 inches will also be demonstrated, exhibiting high resolution, high brightness and high reliability, and could be installed in semi-outdoor areas as traffic information displays to provide real time information and advertisement for passengers, display wide format advertisements in retail stores, or built into smart shelves with sensors in retail stores to show merchandize information in an interactive way, making shopping a lot more fun.

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