TPO SRP-MIP Technology enables High PPI (211ppi) display at Low Power Consumption (1mW) as First in the world

Partner News - 2009/04/21
TPO developed a Self-Refreshing-Pixel (SRP)-Memory In Pixel (MIP) on a 3.47-inch nHD LTPS TFT Transflective display at 211ppi resolution with 1mw power consumption in reflective mode: a full screen display.
ChuNanTaiwan, April 21, 2009 –TPO Displays Corp. (TPO) today announced its new development based on TPO’s proprietary LTPS-based SRP-MIP technology, enabling a display with high transmittance at low power consumption for mobile devices.
TPO has been exploring MIP technology since 2004 and introduced its first design for mobile phone’s sub-panel TFT display sized at 1.36-inch QQVGA TFT display in June, 2007. With further enhancements, TPO has successfully migrated this technology to mobile phone main-display with its first demo panel sized at a 3.47-inch in 640x360.
The 3.47-inch nHD demo display has proved the key feature of TPO’s SRP-MIP technology- low power consumption, indicating only 1mW power consumed in MIP reflective mode at a full screen display. It has two major advantages: Firstly, it extends the battery life of a mobile device and secondly, it creates an additional benefit– a full screen display. The users of the mobile devices can enjoy full screen images in a reflective mode without sacrificing battery life.
By simplifying the pixel memory circuit, TPO is able to increase the resolution level of its SRP-MIP display up to 211ppi at 1mW power consumption, the first achievement based on MIP technology available in the current market per TPO’s understanding. Last but not least, there is no extra dimension needed in display form factor to sustain the features generated by TPO’s SRP-MIP technology. This gives more rooms for device designers to accommodate this additional function/feature to enhance the device’s overall performances and values.
With the implementation of SRP-MIP technology into the display products, TPO is taking the lead to provide its customers with the advanced LTPS display solution featured in SRP-MIP technology with low power consumption and up to 211 ppi in resolution. This solution could be adopted in various applications, such as mobile phone, smartphone, automotive, e-book, handy GPS displays etc.
TPO is planning to introduce this proprietary SRP-MIP technology into its product offerings for volume shipments starting from the first quarter of 2010.

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