Announcement of updated information on procurement of GPU servers as approved by resolution by the Board of Directors.

Major Information - 2024/03/12

1.Date of occurrence of the event:2024/03/12
2.Date of the original announcement and reporting:2024/02/23
3.Summary of the content originally announced and reported:
Procurement of GPU servers(VFG-SYS-821GE-TNHR-1081)
Transaction unit amount:50units
Estimated unit price:NT$8,500,000
Estimated total transaction price:NT$425,000,000
Estimated construction cost:NT$75,000,000
4.Reason for change and its main content:
Reason for change:Because of great changes in prices of servers and
increasing demand, the Company plans to re-discuss the authorized
amount and quantity based on the latest quotation received.
Main content
Transaction unit amount:55units
Estimated unit price:US$274,393.80(untaxed)
Estimated total transaction price:US$15,091,659.00(untaxed)
Estimated construction cost:US$3,300,000
5.Effect on the Company's finance and business after the change:None.
6.Any other matters that need to be specified:
The Company's Audit Committee and the Board of Directors, in a
meeting on March 12, 2024, have authorized the Chairman to
handle the transaction with a total untaxed amount under US$16,600,824.90
(Up to 10% of the quote) and construction cost under US$3.3 million.
No effect on the Company's finance and business after the change.

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