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The new AI HA solution

GMI International Inc.( Taiwan Stock Exchange: 3312 ) and Realtek Semiconductor jointly developed and will provide the new AI software technology chip solution in 2023 .

Founded in 1995, GMI has over 25 years of rich industry experience, providing software, firmware services, and chip product solutions for global markets. We are a leading application solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

High-quality chip solutions with intelligence, ultra-low latency, and low power consumption

Our TWS and HA chips can be applied to wireless Bluetooth earphones, smart speakers, hearing aids, and other voice terminal devices. Using GMI's unique AI software deep learning technology, we can obtain a high sampling rate of audio source to produce high-quality frequency response. Additionally, we apply ANC active noise reduction technology for environmental noise processing, reduce music noise, and cooperate with directional microphone technology to reduce various environmental noises, providing customers with intelligent, ultra-low latency, and low-power consumption high-quality chip solutions.

Exceptional listening experience with exquisite detail.

We provide high-tech AI chips and app design as personalized assistive hearing products. Starting from customer needs, we utilize superior technology in deep noise reduction environment modes, enabling users to independently complete hearing tests in normal, quiet environments. With precise hearing measurements and real-time AI computations, we synchronize personalized hearing compensation to individual earphones or hearing aid chips for execution. Once set up, our products offer high-fidelity audio sampling to deliver personalized audio compensation for users with mid-to-low frequency hearing loss, enhancing their audio experiences in listening to music, answering calls, or having conversations, and allowing them to enjoy lossless audio quality. Our products have passed strict quality certifications, offering excellent stability and reliability, enabling customers to upgrade their products quickly, enhance value-added services, and provide customized industrial solutions. We are committed to investing in technology innovation and professional service support, integrating wireless transmission technology to jointly promote the development of Bluetooth hearing aid smart chips, thereby enhancing users' exceptional listening experiences.

Bluetooth OTC hearing aid based on GMI AI 6688

Approximately 1.16 billion people worldwide have mild hearing loss, with about 400 million people suffering from moderate to severe hearing loss, and nearly 30 million people having severe or complete hearing loss in both ears, affecting over 1.5 billion people (20% of the global population). The main population changes in the coming decades will be population growth and aging, which will greatly impact the epidemiology of hearing loss:

By 2050, one in four people globally will experience some degree of hearing loss, and one in 14 people (at least 7%) will require hearing care.
The incidence of hearing loss (moderate or greater) increases exponentially with age, and if left unresolved, it will impact daily activities and quality of life and increase social and economic burden.

Stop and listen to your melody clearly.

True wireless bluetooth self-fitting hearing aid, combined with the hearing assistant APP, provides an innovative product that combines consumer TWS earphones + hearing aids + entertainment.

AI 6688 Bluetooth Chip


  ANC Pure Tone Audition | Out of the listening room

  •   žHearing examination in a relatively quiet environment ( no need for an examination room )
  •   The measured volume complies with clinical audiometer specifications

  Hearing compensation function | AI automatic adjustment technology

  •   žžAI tuning optimizes tuning parameters
  •   žžAccurate compensation error < 2dB
  •   APP assists users in fine-tuning

  Hear the original sound | Exclusive ultra-low latency wide frequency response technology

  •   žžžVery low latency: <1mS
  •   žžFrequency range: 0~22.5kHz
  •   žžNumber of channels: up to 441Channel
  •   Good noise reduction while being comfortable to wear

  Quietly listen to music and phone calls | Active Noise Cancellation Technology

  •   žžžžQuiet environmental noise (multiple scene optimization)
  •   žžActive Noise Cancellation Technology (Hybrid ANC)ž

Listening environment ‧ defined by you

ANC hearing tests, with noise-cancellation function turned on, can replace traditional hearing test sound booths. soundproof room ,
Users can conduct hearing tests anytime without being limited by the venue.


  •   žžANC hearing tests, with noise-cancellation function turned on, can replace traditional hearing test sound booths. soundproof room ,
    Users can conduct hearing tests anytime without being limited by the venue.
  •   Automatically turn on the special ANC noise reduction
    for the playback test list , sound frequency, dynamic and timely noise reduction
  •   Enter listening test modež

High accuracy‧measurement without distortion

Experimental proof | GMI device error is less than < 1.7 dBSPL in line with ANSI S3.6 international norms

施測音量準確度比較 英文版

Hear your world

User fine-tuning | Listen clearly to your original sound


  •   žžPresent hearing threshold (freely select the left and right ears)
  •   ž Tap up and down to adjust the voice value to the gain target value
  • ž  Send the adjusted speech gain into the model to obtain the gain and write it into the chip

Bright‧Clear‧No delay

Exclusive ultra-low latency wide frequency response technology | Hear the original sound again

Very low latency: 0.2 mS

High sampling rate: 625k

Frequency range: 0~22.5k HZ

Number of channels: up to 441



Various anti-noise modes‧creating an immersive auditory feast

Users can choose the optimal noise reduction mode according to the scene, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle‧enjoy the optimal auditory aesthetics immediately