GMI Technology Issues Stock Dividend, Completes Capital Raise

GMI Technology News - 2010/10/22

GMI Technology Inc. (Public, TPE: 3312) today announced the issuance of a stock dividend 1.656 New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) per share. The dividend was approved by the board of directors in June of this year. The company also announced that it has completed their capital raise via the issuance of 15 million new shares, approved by the board of directors last July.   


Commenting on the announcement, Lewis Lo, president of GMI Technology, said, “We are happy to share the recent success of our company with our shareholders via the issuance of the stock dividend. We are also very pleased to complete the raise of additional capital, with the issuance of the new shares being oversubscribed due to high demand. The additional capital will enable GMI Technology to continue our strong growth by funding operations and new investments.”

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